CFM’s NEW DIGS! 2018 approach to video training… it’s called Employee Engagement.

CFM has continued evolving customer and employee engagement for over 25 years. As communication became more important and the video industry evolved to quantity, the need for reducing the overhead of 10 employees with over a 4000 square-foot studio resulted in a significant cost savings where partners such as MetroPCS, Hard Rock, Chili’s, Whole Foods, PriceWaterhouseCooper’s, Biomet, Cheddars, Frito-Lay, Sally Beauty Supply and countless other national and international organizations began to appreciate and reward our attention to maintaining a manageable budget range while continuing to increase quality and quantity. We have achieved this by changing our business model, recruiting high-end creative editors/shooters and are continuing to invest in above standard, state of the art equipment.

What hasn’t changed for many of our clients is they may only see me on a regular basis, yet CFM has never been just me.  I have surrounded myself with solid relationships to partner with CFM when necessary.  However, there is no other Chris Martin and that’s the interface I want our clients to continue experiencing.  I have worked in the corporate environment and understand how it plays.  At this point, that is what most of our relationships need… not just another video person and I, we, do not view any video as just another video.

Our goal is to partner with companies where, rather than simply engaging employees, CFM helps to provide a meaningful experience of work in the modern age.  We promote learning and career paths, community  and connection, a sense of purpose and a positive impact by connecting team environments that foster psychological safety and inclusion. We also promote truly ethical work environments with authentic values that shine brightly in everyday workforce.  By focusing on this, internal feedback has proven that our videos lead to better employee engagement, while delivering on some of the greatest challenges our society faces today.  And, we achieve this the very first time. This is the reason we continue serving several two decade+ clients.  With all the competition in today’s world, one doesn’t hear that to often.

The NEW CFM SUITE is located in Allen, Texas includes a sound booth, staging areas, editing suite, meeting/auditioning rooms, full kitchen and all the amenities and the look of a upscale boutique.  With over 6000 sq/ft of shared space, our new environment is both inspiring and engaging.

Come visit us:  Yeager Building, 550 S. Watters Road, Suite 201, Allen, Texas 75013

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