CFM Integrated Marketing

Founded in 1997, CFM provides a wide range of creative services to their clients with demonstrated leadership in both strategic and tactical planning, execution and evaluation.

Strategic Competencies:

1) strategic consulting services in areas related to internal and external communication,

2) creative marketing advisory and tactical services for organizations that are interested in social change, and

3) organically attracting a loyal audience of fans and brand advocates.

“If talent is valued as a financial metric, human resources will be upgraded, and businesses can genuinely start creating a people-first culture,” says Martin during a recent Skype chat.

To date, CFM has conducted over a dozen training workshops and seminars on how to express your value proposition through human resources, investments in the physical, and the evolving digital.

Think of the “human touch” as your goal. You begin your marketing by establishing a feature and benefit platform of communication with your targeted audience, both internally and externally.

Internally to your employees, that they are a part of representing your brand in customer service. They share the good and bad of what they hear about your product and service and are involved in establishing your brand identity to your clients with “human touches” based on your customers’ wants and need.

The external consists of use of media outlets, including social media, designed as support of your brand to bring recall to your customers as to the great “human touch” they have established with your employees as they relate to customer service.
Both the internal and external features and benefits are based on one principle — deliver on your brand promise. Think if you only advertised without giving great customer service. You may get a onetime quick sale, but you have not established yourself as “the first place to go” for customer’s wants and needs.

The customer may just wait for the next best offer that could come from your competitor, based only on low price, with no regard to great service. This is a shot-in-the-dark syndrome.

Baseline all your social media on reinforcement of your brand by recall to your current customers of your great customer service, or create the “Wow Factor” to new customers by living your brand from first meeting on.

Social media is a great tool. Remember that — a great tool. But tools must be used in the right way to build something great. And that something great begins with the “human touch.”

Tactical Competencies:

    • CREATIVE: Video Production/Marketing/Ad campaigns from concept to delivery
    • SOCIAL NETWORKING & PUBLIC RELATIONS: Integration, support & analysis (i.e. E-mail designs/uploads & reporting, increasing awareness through Facebook, blog, etc.) LSM: Develop marketing plan/initiatives, facilitate and support brand ambassadors.
    • PRINT GRAPHIC: Catalogs, menus, banners, newsletters, marketing brochures, etc.
    • MOTION GRAPHICS: 2D & 3D and motion graphic design.
    • VIDEO/FILM PRODUCTION: Most projects are 100% turnkey. We also offer script writing, teleprompter services and high volume CD/DVD printing and copies.
    • CONFERENCE: Stage & Creative Design, A/V Mgmt, Videos, Team Building Exercises, etc.
    • PHOTO: Product & food, executive portraits, live events, public relations and web content.
    • CHRIS MARTIN’S KEYNOTE TOPICS: Invoke the Warrior Energy of Change, It’s Just Not Me, Telling Great Stories, Embracing the Wisdom of Uncertainty, Building Emotional Connections in Social Media, and Generating Identity and Meaning


We have produced literally 1000’s of training videos and won over 50 industry awards. Our long term relationships are a testament to our ability to deliver clever, unique yet spot creativity on a consistent basis.

CFM is passionate and aggressively seeks added value for its clients. We believe that the world is driven by execution and that the human need is many times second to a brand. Understanding how a service or product connects with a human need is our primary strategy. Yet while feeding a human need will define strategic goals, tactics define the actions we take to achieve those goals. By fusing operations, branding, focus groups, advertising, marketing, public relations, and digital platforms, we continue to define integrated marketing. Working with one agency is more cohesive and considerably less expensive.

EVERY DAY we wake up, kick ass, be kind and repeat!

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